Bretton Woods Observer, Spring 2019

Date: 5 April 2019 | Organisation: | Theme: debt and private finance | Author: Bretton Woods Project

The Bretton Woods Project would like to share with you the launch of our Observer Spring 2019 – a quarterly critical review of developments at the World Bank and IMF.

The cover story looks at the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ between the World Bank and the IMF, which appears to be ‘alive and well’ after the US candidate raised unchallenged, despite the Bank’s promises for an ‘open, transparent and democratic’ selection process.

This edition includes two featured At Issues. One looks at the World Bank’s new Enabling the Business of Agriculture rankings, which prescribes policy reforms to ease access to land for agribusiness, at the expense of family farmers, pastoralists, and Indigenous Peoples.

The other analyses how, as debt crises increase across the African continent, debt-related policies continue to be designed with little or no regard for the realisation of human rights in general, and women’s rights in particular.

Other stories include two guest comments: one by CESR’s Kate Donald on the IMF’s approach to the Sustainable Development Goals, and the other, by Noureddine Taboubi, Secretary-General of Tunisian General Labour Union, on Tunisia’s larger trade union calls for an overhaul of the IMF’s approach to bring about socially just expansionary policies.

Our guest analysis, by Eurodad’s Maria Jose Romero and Gino Gino Brunswijck, looks at the IMF’s doublespeak towards public-private partnerships.

Shorter pieces include topics such as the US Supreme Court decision on IFC’s claim of absolute immunity, the World Bank’s new 2025 Climate Targets, Pakistan 13th IMF loan request, the IMF position towards the recently launched Guiding Principles on human rights impact assessments of economic reform programmes, and much more.

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