Let’s talk: debt meets degrowth – workshop for researchers and activists

Date: 6 June 2019 | Organisation: | Theme: debt | Author: EnaBanda

On 5 June 2019, Citizens for Financial Justice partner EnaBanda organised a workshop in Ljubljana, Slovenia – ‘Let’s talk: debt meets degrowth’.

The idea was to bring together two interlinked international communities that have a common policy agenda, but don’t have many opportunities to advance their common strategic debates:

  • those working on debt
  • and the other on degrowth.

Many conferences and debates on debt or degrowth have taken place, but the two communities were still lacking communication and collaboration. Therefore, to build on this momentum and bring cooperation to a stronger and more creative level, we invited actors from the debt and degrowth movement to come together and talk.

The workshop, ‘Let’s talk: debt meets degrowth’ hosting 20 participants. Scholars and activists shared their understanding of the current status of the issues, exchanged experiences of political and social organising, and, most importantly, discussed possibilities for collaboration.

Bonds of solidarity were strengthened between old partners and new allies.

Workshop speakers included:

  • Márton Czirfusz
  • Mladen Domazet
  • Tilman Hartley
  • Oxana Lopatina
  • Predrag Momčilović
  • Eugénia Maria de Carvalho
  • Fernandes Pires
  • and Christina Plank.

Debt meets degrowth workshop outline cover

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Let’s talk: debt meets degrowth workshop for researchers and activists

Visit the EnaBanda website for further information about their work.

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