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  • Gas impacts from Gastivists report

The price of gas – Gastivists’ report

9 July 2019|

Gastivists' report reveals who pays the price of new gas projects. Fossil gas is a dangerous fuel which harms the climate and the environment wherever it gets extracted and used. The current report summarises some [...]

  • Violet Nabwango in her house. Photo by K.Miękus

Human rights defenders in EIB-financed projects

8 July 2019|

From Colombia to Kenya, 25 cases of threats and attacks against human rights defenders reveal how development financiers can fuel abuses or help fight them. By Aleksandra Antonowicz-Cyglicka, BankwatchExcerpt from the Counter Balance website A new [...]

Don’t privatise aid: Equality Trust campaign

10 June 2019|

Protect UK aid spending to eradicate global inequalities, not boost profits for British businesses. New campaign from Citizens for Financial Justice partner, The Equality Trust, and Health Poverty Action, as members of the Fight Inequality [...]

  • Renewable energy image

Enough with the Dark Age

7 June 2019|

Monthly column from EnaBanda's Ajda Pistotnik for Radio Student Even though climate and social issues are interlinked, policies still address them separately, as if they weren’t born from the same system – the free market [...]

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