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  • Cover of Christian Aid Debt Report

The New Global Debt Crisis

3 June 2019|

Spiralling debt repayments divert precious resources from governments that can ill afford to spare them. Without spending money on basic services like clean water, sanitation and health, there is little hope of poor countries meeting [...]

  • Take action

#EP2019: Will you stand up for financial justice?

15 May 2019|

The objectives of the European Union are being diverted from its foundations as a union for peace and solidarity, towards servicing the interests of the financial elite. We're calling on European election candidates to stand [...]

  • Tax justice pledge

Multinationals pay your share!

14 May 2019|

Tax Justice Europe have launched a campaign asking candidates for the 2019 European elections to support making multinationals pay their share of tax. 'I pledge to fight for tax justice as a Member of the European [...]

  • Song of the EIB Counter Balance campaign

The song of the EIB (European Investment Bank)

14 May 2019|

Campaign from Counter Balance and partners: on the occasion of the European elections 2019, Counter Balance has joined forces with seven Citizens for Financial Justice partners across Europe to call citizens’ attention to the European Investment Bank (EIB). What does [...]

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